Josh Kolbo



Artist: Josh Kolbo
Title: Untitled                                                                      Year: 2014
Medium: C-Prints
Dimensions: 290 x 206 x 80 cm


In his visually complex photographs and photograph-based sculptures and installations, Josh Kolbo collapses a number of boundaries: that of image and object, flatness and three-dimensionality, and representation and reality. His work is rooted in photography and ideas of pushing perceived limits of this medium, by, for example, crafting sculptures out of his photographs. He’s mounted large-scale photographs onto handtrucks set into the centre of a room, and arranged massive, double-sided photographic sheets into curtain-like formations that fold in on themselves while cascading into the viewer’s space. Kolbo also manages to impart a sense of dimensionality to his framed, wall-mounted photographs by cropping and manipulating the images and through frames that read as three-dimensional extensions of the photographs.

American, b. 1984